Rotterdam is a foodie paradise and a visit to this modern city is not complete without immersing yourself into its culinary side. With plenty of food concepts to choose from, guests can easily find a restaurant for every taste and budget.

Here, at King Kong, we are cooking for our guests and locals. Our food is homemade, fresh and full of flavour. It is meant to awaken your taste buds and charge your body with a positive energy. As more and more people are becoming aware of what they eat and how this affects their life, the demand for organic and nutritious food is growing. We are deliberately responding to this trend by choosing more natural ingredients where possible. For example, we have started using organic fresh milk for our coffees. Our fruits and breads are locally sourced, we make our food from scratch, such as the sandwiches, potato wedges and all sauces. But surely, from time to time we all have a craving that is hard to resist, and for that occasion we have some sinfully delicious cakes, that can be romantically shared. In our bar we also serve 22 different kind of beers and some very good wines to make your experience complete. 

Wish to make a reservation? Give us a call: +3110- 8188778

Opening Hours
We are open every Monday till Sunday
Breakfast Buffet 08: 00 am – 11: 00 am 
Lunch 11: 00 am – 05: 00 pm 
Monday – Thursday 08: 00 – 00: 00 
Friday  – Saturday 08: 00 – 01: 00
Sunday 08: 00 – 00: 00