The cheapest and easiest way to park your car is a Park+Ride lot at the edge of the city. Use the free (secure) parking facilities at these locations and take public transport to the King Kong Hostel. All the P+R lots offer direct public transport connections to the city centre. You can be in the heart of the city within 20 minutes, without any parking problems. The P+R lots are located at the metro stations Alexander, Capelsebrug, Hoogvliet, Kralingse Zoom, Meijersplein, Slinge and at tram stop Noorderhelling.

Attention! Easiest is to go to Kralingse Zoom. You can park 3 days for free when you travel with public transport. after these 3 days you pay a maximum of €17,00 a day. 

More information:https://www.rotterdam.nl/locaties/p+r-kralingse-zoom/

Hotel discount deal 

Bringing your car to Rotterdam while staying at King Kong Hostel has never been this easy. For only 17,50 per day you can park your car in one of the car parks in Rotterdam and drive in and out as much as you wish. Book your parkingspot by picking the date and time of arrival via: https://parkereninrotterdam.nl/jouw-voordeel/hotel-voordeelkaart/

Attention: The closes car parks to the hostel are MUSEUMPARK and ERASMUSBRUG 

Parking in a car park (paid)

There are many car parks in and near the city centre. Parking in a car park is generally cheaper than parking on the street. The parking signage will guide you to the nearest car park that still has spaces available. Prices may vary depending on the car park, the location and how long you park. In general, Museumpark car park (27 euro’s a day) and Westblaak car park (26 euro’s a day) are only a three minutes walk from our hostel


When you visit us and you come  by car we have the possibility to store your car at a favorable rate at our partner “Valet Parking Rotterdam Airport“. Your car will be parked in a covered and secure space at a very favorable rate. You have to make a reservation to use this service.

1 day € 27 , =

2 days € 23 , = per day

3 days € 19.95 per day

We ask you to indicate your estimated time of arrival so we can help you with your luggage,  after a brief inspection we will drive your car  to the parking. On departure day we ask you to indicate one hour before  you wish to receive your car, so we can deliver your car at the right time.

Parking along the streets (paid)

All of the city centre and various other busy areas have paid parking. In some areas paid parking is in effect 24 hours a day. Parking fees may vary and all parking metres list the fees and the times that apply. Note that parking metres requires payment with a chip card and do not accept cash. At some locations in the city centre and at tourist attractions, payment by credit card is also available.


In the city centre and surrounding area’s pay-by-plate is introduced. It works as follow: you enter the license plate information of your car, determine the parking time and pay by debit or credit card. Payment with Chipknip isn’t available with the new parking meters. Placing a parking ticket behind the windshield therefore is no longer necessary. In other area’s pay-by-plate will be introduced in phases.

In other area’s you can still pay by Chipknip. Prepaid chip cards can be purchased in amounts of € 5, € 10 and € 20 are available at various locations, including Primera shops and Tabac&Gift shops. You can also purchase a parking card in advance from a Stadswinkel located in the City Hall. Parking cards are available for various time periods (week or month) and areas (valid for the entire city or one neighbourhood).

People with a disability

The centre of Rotterdam offers a number of accessible parking places for the disabled. You may park in the designated spaces if you have a disabled parking card in your car (paid). Disabled-access toilets are also available at various places in the city centre and at key tourist attractions. For more information about disabled-access parking, car parks and accessibility of buildings in Rotterdam, visit www.toegankelijk.rotterdam.nl

Touring cars

There are special designated parking spaces for coaches in the centre of Rotterdam. These can be found at the following locations:
• Blaak (1 space near Maritiem Museum)
• Mariniershof (1 space near Hampshire Hotel – Savoy Rotterdam)
• Museumpark ( 1 space near Museum Boijmans van Beuningen)
• Nieuwemarkt ( 1 space near Erasmus University College)
• Parkhaven (5 spaces near the Euromast)
• Schiedamsedijk (1 space near Inntel Hotels Rotterdam-Centre)
• Willemsplein (17 spaces near Spido)

For more information on parking visit www.rotterdam.nl