House Rules

No Disturbances

Please keep the noise/volume low between 23:00 to 08:00 in the morning, as to not disturb your roommates as well as the night watch. 

Keep It Clean

You are responsible for keeping it clean, especially if you make it dirty, think the guest kitchen and common areas. Also keep your belongings near you in your room. 

Drugs And Alcohol Policies

There are some strict Dutch laws when it comes to the use of drugs and smoking weed and cigarettes. This means:
1. You have to respect our non-smoking policy in the building, if this rule is broken you will have to leave immediately and a fine of €200 must be paid. 
2. You are only allowed to consume marijuana/cannabis in a coffeeshop. Smoking it in or outside our building is strictly forbidden. Smoking weed in our hostel or terrace means you will have to leave the hostel immediately.

3. Illicit drugs of any kind will not be allowed or tolerated in the hostel, this includes the usage of laughing gas tanks. Guests found with any drug paraphernalia will be immediately asked to leave the hostel. If this is the case and guests are unwilling to leave, the proper authorities will be called. The fine of €200 will also apply.
4. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol within the premises of the hostel is strictly prohibited. The management reserves the right to confiscate alcohol found on the premises.


Reservation can only be done online through our website or common booking channels. In order to make a booking you must have a valid credit card, there is no alternative besides this. Showing up at the hostel, calling or e-mailing are not valid options to make a reservation. 

Modifying Existing Reservations

For a change/modification in your existing booking send an email directly to us at You will then receive a personal email confirming the requested change. If you do not receive this confirmation, check your spam box.

Cancellation Policy

When cancelling an online booking, this is free of charge 48 hours prior to arrival, unless the reservation is non-refundable. When cancelling within the 48 hours prior to arrival, the first night of the reservation will be charged. When cancelling a non-refundable reservation, the total amount will be charged. Group bookings have different cancellation policies.

No Show

When you book and do not show up, the first night of you reservation will be charged. For non-refundable bookings, the entire amount will be charged.


We require a €10 cash deposit for your keycard. In case you lose of forget to return your keycard at the check out, we are obliged to keep your deposit. 


Checking out can be done at any moment before 11:00 in the morning. You are requested to bring down with you the bedsheet, pillow case, duvet cover and towel down to reception. Rooms might be checked before the check out procedure is completed. In case any disturbance is left in the room, we are allowed to make extra charges and hold the key deposit. 

Late Check-out

In case you do not check out on time (11:00 in the morning) and you did not inform the reception, we are allowed to keep your deposit. If check-out is not done until 13:00, we are obliged to remove your items from the room and block your keycard. 

Guest Kitchen

The guest kitchen is available from 11:00 in the morning until 23:00 in the evening. These times might change depending of events and availability. It is necessary to write down your name (last of first) and departure date on your items, there are labels provided in the guest kitchen. King Kong Hostel is not responsible for any items taken or thrown out. 

Own consumption

In the hostel we have a designated area where you can consume your own drinks and food. This area is next to the guest kitchen. Consuming your own drinks and food in our restaurant area is not allowed unless permission was given.